30 Day Challenge

Happy 4th of July!!

Today begins a 30 Day Challenge for me. I invite you to follow along; and, you may post links in the comments to your site! For 30 days, I will be doing a Gratitude Journal to list at least three things each day that I am grateful for.

DAY 1 ~ I am grateful for His everlasting love for me.

My new landlord who believes in me.

The pets I have who love me unconditionally.

Also, I have started a new HAED project entitled ‘Milk and Cookies’ by Dona Gelsinger. Here is a picture of the design.

Have a wonderful evening! I think the clock just struck the witching hour, so I am just under the wire! LOL hugs, queeny

What is ‘Time Management’?…

Hey Everyone! Good morning; and it is wonderful to be here! I was pondering and meditating about why I feel I never have enough ‘time’ to finish things~Like projects that I started 20 years ago! Where does the time GO?? How long should it take to complete a task, or a project? I have been wanting to read The Book of Mormon from front to back since I was baptized on July 26th, 1990; and, I still have not gotten all the way through it! *smile* I know the beginning by heart! LOL

The point is~ I TRY! I keep plugging along with all of life’s twists and turns. When I am knocked down, I get back up! I will NEVER EVER stop ‘trying’! And, as for time management? The definition of TM to me is: the process of spending most of the day stitching and crafting; and LESS time cooking and cleaning! How about that for the ‘time being’? LOL

A dear friend of mine, Gloria L., whom I met many moons ago, taught me to make lists. Whatever did not get done on that days’ list, got moved to the new days’ list. I love love to make a list and mark off what I have accomplished. With my crafts in mind, and after several years now of de-hoarding~ It is time to do a complete inventory! What do I want to finish, what can I sell (to buy more of course), and what can I learn from having too much STUFF!

When anything is in disarray, disorganized, unclean, or unkept, I lose all focus of my intended purpose. When I started de-hoarding, I started with the kitchen. The spices to be exact. wow! so many spices expired, unused and wasted! I did have a list for that day of what I wanted to get done. And, it was ONE task at a time~ no matter how big or small. If it didn’t get done that day~ It went on the list for the next day!

The more I cleared out the expired ~ the less foggy my brain was! And, the clearer I became of why I held on to stuff, the more motivated I became to move on to the next task! Now, I journal. For years my therapist would tell me how productive and healing journaling was, but I wasn’t doing it. Viola’! Once I began, now I can not stop.

Today, I am going to go through ONE tote of cross stitch. This tote will have an inventory list. It will be of the projects that I am currently working on; and, projects that I intend to do in the future. As I create this tote, I have a handy little notebook and pen to jot down ideas, thoughts, what ifs~ And as I create this tote of ‘Must Do’s’, I can use this same handy notebook to jot down what is being put in the tote of ‘Must Sell’ items.

Sounds simple, huh? hhhmmmm well, I get side tracked very easily! LOL So, I am going to be hard on myself and make some tough decisions. Letting GO and Letting God do His magic is the right attitude! I hope everyone enjoys this day~ a brand new week ahead of us! Let’s Get It Done in 2021! CTR ~ Choose The Right! yep, that is my motto for this year! (I make a new motto for myself each Jan 1st) Last year, 2020 was ‘Do what is in front of you~ First! Pro-cras-ti-na-tion ~ A five syllable word for SLOTH! *smile* hugs, queeny

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I am always pleased for the New Year, so that I can begin again! It would please me to be a bit more disciplined, a tad more frugal; and more well rounded. Hey! My name is Pamela; and friends call me ‘queeny’ on social media. I would like to share with you my love for counted cross stitch, my strengthening faith and personal relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ; and my firm belief that I can truly heal mentally, physically and spiritually~’One Day At A Time’! hugs, queeny